1. Read the given problem:
Determine the possible traits of the calves if :
a red (RR) bull is mated with a red (RR) cow 1
a red(RR) bull is mated with a white (WW) cow 2
a roan(RW) is mated with a red(RR)cow 3
2. Illustrate your answers using a Punnett square.
3. Write your answers on the Manila paper.
4. Present and discuss your answers.
Q5. Will you be able to trace the father of the calves?______________
What are the possible phenotypes of the calves for each
Q6. Do you think you will make Mang Marcelino happy about the result of
your investigation? _________________________________
Q7. How are you going to explain it to him? ________________________
Q8. How would you apply what you have learned to improve the breeds of livestock
in your area?
Q9. What possible suggestions can you give to animal breeders in your area?



Q5. Yes; pure red calves, roan calves and half breed red-roan calves / 100% red, 100% roan, 50% red and 50% roan

Q6. Yes

Q7. When  a red bull is mated with a red cow they will have pure breed calves then when you mated a red bull with a white cow they will have roan calves but when a roan is mated with a red cow they will have either red or roan calves.

Q8. breed the purebreeds with another purebreeds or with a roan.; give a healty livestock

Q9. Breed purebreeds to another breeds so that they will have other breed.


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