If you are instead driving the 6 cylinder: 440 miles (approximately 24mpg) 

This is a 100% estimated value based on EPA ratings of fuel economy for the given model and the approximate fuel tank capacity of 18.5 us gallons. 
IIt all depends -- primarily on how fast you drive, your car's fuel efficiency and the size of your tank.The fuel cost for every mile you drive will depend on what kind of fuel you use -- regular or premium -- and how much it costs.Here's a look at how far you can drive on a tank of gas for the three highest-mileage vehicles and the three lowest-mileage vehicles in various body styles -- and how much it will cost. Enter the amount you pay for gas and click "Submit."The mileage figures stated are combined city and highway estimates on 2010 model cars as calculated by the federal Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, under new formulas .