What is the answer of 128 - 5/9? how can I convert it to lowest term. this is fraction, can you guys help me???

1147/9 or 127.444..
I think thats not the answer, it gets bigger then 128 is add number so theres no need to multiply, can you give me more or best answer??



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But Elle09kay29 is actually correct.

128 may also be written as 127 + 9/9          (because 9/9 = 1)

If we subtract 5/9 from that, we have   127 +9/9 -5/9   =  127 4/5
That is also equal to 1,147/9 in improper fraction, and it is already in its lowest term.
yeah my mistake sorry. 5 divide 9 pala dapat. so 127 4/9
Yup. That should be it. i also made a mistake on that part.
how about 6 3/4 + 2 5/9 over 13 1/2 - 7 2/3 ?
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