You need to review more to pass the exam and focus 
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When reviewing words with definitions, Understand instead of Memorizing.
But you can memorize if you want.
But I recommend Understanding especially in math.

Try to make a reviewer or have other people make reviewers for you.

Before actually taking the exam, Review a bit to freshen up your brain.

Make/Choose Reminders or words to remind you that is is from the answer. 

Example:"Apple : Red Fruit. Popular and is Delicious." (sorry for the sentence. just made it up.) Your Reminder there is Red Fruit. So when you see 'Red Fruit on the test paper, you know its apple.

As much as possible, FOCUS and review in quiet places where there are no disturbances.

And if possible, After you review, Have someone ask the questions you just reviewed for you. OR Have a tutor.
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