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The story is all about a girl named Bangan, who is very honest and kind. Due to a certain skin disease, people tend to avoid her. What she wants is someone who can accompany and befriend her, but nobody dare to. One day, while going to the forest, birds and animals started to flock around her, that cause her happiness from the bottom of her heart. A warm feeling she had never experienced before, due to her love with the animals that love her, she thought of something. And prayed to theĀ God Kabunian, saying this warm felt words, " O, God Kabunian, I would like you to turn me into a tree, which I can beĀ useful to anybody, and to my friends in this forest." And so the God replied, " Your wish will be granted, for you are a pure person." After a day, Bangan disappeared and People saw a plant grow where the girl used to hang out, and believing that the color of the wood is the skin of the girl and her hair turned into spiky -like leaves.
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