Activity4 Boy or Girl?

1.What will be the sex of a child produced when an egg is fertilized by a sperm that has a Y chromosome?
2.What type of sperm must fertilize an egg to result in a female child?
3.Based on this punnett square what percent of children would you expect to be male?
4.Which sex chromosome is present in both male and female?
5.Infer which sex chromosomes determines a persons sex?
6.What are the other factors that may influence the expression of human sexuality?



1. Male
2. X bearing sperm
3. 50%
4. X chromosome
5. Y chromosome
6. Environmental factors, such as age of mother that may lead to nondisjunction , Aneuploidy where there is an excess or lack of X or Y chromosome and genital development during conception, and the social interactions after birth may contribute to a certain degree to the expression of human sexuality.
35 4 35
1. male
2. x sex chromosomes
3. 50%
4. x sex chromosomes
5. y sex chromosome
6. the environment.

8 3 8