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Mga Halimbawa ng Pagtutulad:
Examples of Similes

Ikaw ay tulad ng bituin.
You are like a star. 

Ang puso mo ay gaya ng bato. 
Your heart is like a stone. 

Ang gerilya ay tulad ng makata. 
A guerilla is like a poet. 

Ang paghahabi ng tela ay gaya ng paghihirap ng isang tao.
Weaving cloth is like the suffering of a person. 

Ang paghihintay sa paghinog ng prutas ay gaya ng pagbubuntis.
Waiting for fruit to ripen is like being pregnant. 

Ang pag-ibig mo ay parang tubig − walang lasa. 
Your love is like water − flavorless. 

Ang mga pangako mo ay parang hangin.
Your promises are like air. 

Sa ilalim ng mga dayuhan, ang Pilipinas ay naging parang kalabaw. 
Under foreigners, the Philippines became like a carabao. 

Ang bandila sa hangin ay kawangis ng malaking ibon na nakaladlad ang pakpak.
The flag in the wind is like a large bird with wings spread out. 

Ang ulap ay kawangis ng mukha ng tao.
The cloud is akin to a person's face.
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Examples of simile:

Our soldiers are as brave as lions.

She is thin as a toothpick.

Her lips is as red as a rose.

Mary Anne is pretty like a flower.

She sing like an angel.

They fight like cats and dogs.

He walk like a turtle.

He cry like a baby.

She is cute as a kitten

Her hair is as dark as a coal

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