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My little Acts of heroism:

   In my class, there is a certain group of pupils who named themselves " A Gangsters" but I called them F4. Other teachers acknowledge them for their mischief and jokes. I, as their adviser, noticed that this group of pupils are not really gangsters who bullies others but a gangster who stand by their friend and classmates who are being bullied. One day, there was a commotion involving the 4. Two of the four members were on the verge of a fight. I tried to stop them but it seems that the two were on fire. I tried to settle things up and wrap things up after. Only then I found out that the two are being framed by an intruder who fabricated stories against the two. I felt so good to know that the two never fought and that because of me, they learned and realized that friendship is very important above all things.
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