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The characters of the Gorgon's head are Perseus, Danae, King Polydectes, Quicksilver, The Three Gray Women, the nymphs and Medusa. Perseus is the son of Danae and Zeus, a very courageous young man. Danae is the mother of Zeus who was imprisoned by his very own father because of a tragic oracle. King Polydectes is the cruel king of the kingdom which Perseus and his mother lives. Quiksilver is Perseus friend whom he met while he was about to execute his task. The three gray women are sisters with one eye who taught Perseus where to find the nymphs . The nymphs are beautiful ladies who gave Perseus, the winged-shoe, the magic wallet and the invisible hat. Medusa is one of the monstrous creatures with the snaky locks.

(See attached file for the Venn Diagram of the characters of the Gorgon's Head)