Arachne like the spider at Greek Mythology? 

Arachne was a very talented weaver. She was very boastful of her talent. Then she challenged Athena for a contest (i'm not sure Arachne did or Athena did). Zeus will be the judge of the contest. The one who will lose int he contest will promise to touch a spindle or loom again. Of course, Athena won. Athena saw that Arachne could not live if she could not weave, so Athena changed Arachne to a spider.

There are a lot of versions of this story. This is only one of them.
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Uhm, Arachen posses positive and negative traits like every person. She is full of her pride but, she acknowledged Athena's triumph. She showed sportsmanship.
Maikli man lang po ang babasahin mo :)
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