Your classmates are going to a party this weekend. This is the first time that you ask to attend by a friend but then you discern that your parents will not approve it. You don't want to make your friends angry by not going, but you also don't want to get in trouble with your parents. Determine what decision you should determine the problem,explore the alternatives, consider the consecquences, identify your values, decide, and you evaluate this problem



There are certain ways you could do it. It depends upon a situation (depends on wat kind of party, the risks,etc)

You could crash a party (slumber party) in your house because probably your parents don't want you to be go beyond there sight. (ask parents first). In that way you could not risk your strong bond on either side. But in this case, you must be very responsible in handling this.

If you are pertaining on birthday parties or other related parties (of course it will be held on your friends house, by the beach, etc.), don't do anything stupid like rejecting your parents decision. Truly, your friends will understand the situation. Just explain them. Its either following your parents or rejecting both God and your parents itself. Sabihin mo rin, dalhin mo na lang ako ng lecho. he he he! Joke...

Please rate this as a brainliest answer. I've been writing this for ages... Wow! Exaggeration! Hyperbole... bang... But seriously...
I decided not to go to the party