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These are some facts I knew about North Asia:

⇒North Asia includes a big area of grassland (damuhan).
⇒Three kinds of grassland grows in this region ----- steppe, prairie at savanna
⇒Steppe is a grassland with a shallow - rooted short grasses.
⇒Prairie is a grassland with a deeply - rooted tall grasses.
⇒Savanna is an area where forest and grassland conjoined.
⇒Boreal Forest or Taiga can be seen also in the North Asia.
⇒Tundra also can be seen in the North Asia which literally means 'tree-less mountain tract'.
⇒Some known animals that can be found here are porcupine, shrew, weasel and ermine.
⇒The deepest point in North Asia is the Lake Baikal. It has an average depth of 1,620 below sea level.

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