-the king received a dreadful oracle
-he then carried out his cruel plan
-Zeus beheld Danae, and stormed into her chamber
-Perseus was born and the king discovered him, set Danae with him adrift upon the sea.
-A fisherman Dictys by name beheld the pitiful mother with a helpless child.
-Danae was married with King Polydectes wo was Dictys' brother
-King Polydectes hated Perseus that he sought a way to get rid of him saying that he should win glory to himself from a bold adventure, by adventure he meant cutting of Medusa's head, was one of the three gorgon and was the only one that could be slain, he didn't know where to find them and which of them was Medusa.
-he was helped by Hermes and Athene.
-he tricked the gray women to give him the information.
-the nymphs gave the things to him willingly when they found out his reason.
-fully equipped he sped through air over land and sea to the fearful island of the gorgons.
-the gorgon's reflected on his shield that was given by Athene but he could see no difference among them. right then and there, he heard Athene's voice telling that Medusa was the one who's nearest to the shore.
-he cut off the gristly head and thrust his prize into the magic wallet.
-the gorgon's sisters turned thier snaky head to Perseus and roared with fury but Perseus fled.
-the ruby that drops falling from Medusa's head turned into venomous snakes that would inhibit the desert forever.
-he saw a beautiful maiden named Andromeda, chained because of her mother's beauty and rescued her from the monster sent by Poseidon.
-they were married, celebrated when Andromeda's uncle disturbed the feast, there they fought and he turned the enemies into stone using Medusa's head
-he sailed home with Andromeda, Polydectes' hatred has in no way lessened when he returned and refused to believe that he had slain Medusa. he showed him the horrible head, and gave the head willingly to Athene, who kept it.
-Danae yearned to go home and be reconciled with her father.he made Dictys King and sailed with his mother and wife to Greece.
-then the dreadful oracle was fulfilled, when he took part of the game, when he throw the discus it swerved to one side and killed a man. that was King Acrisius who had gone cruel to avoid his fate.

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