The oxygen we intake first comes to the nose which is the gateway for the respiratory system. Then after that it passes through tha pharynx and larynx. After that the oxygen goes through a tube called trachea or the windpipe. Lastly it goues to the lungs where the air sac are located. Air sac are where the exchange of oxygen and carbo dioxide between blood and akr occurs. I hope this will be useful to you!
Air first enters in the lungs and then into the left part of the heart. it is driven by the heart into blood stream, all the way through the body. the heart pumps blood, which transports essential nutrients, oxygen, and other chemicals to every cell in the body. once it reaches the cells, oxygen processes the nutrients to release energy. carbon dioxide is given off during the process. the blood delivers carbon dioxide into the right portion of the heart, from which it is pumped to the lungs. CO2 leaves the lungs when we exhale.
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what will happen if one part of the system fails to carry out its function properly
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