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Staff is where the notes and rests, and clef are written. It has 5 lines and 4 spaces. Each line and space has a designated pitch when a clef is written on it.

Ang staff ang kinalalagyan ng mga nota at rests (?) sa paglikha ng musika. Mayroon itong 5 linya at 4 na puwang (?). Ang bawat linya at puwang ay may nakatalagang tono kapag may nakalagay na clef (?) dito.

G-clef is used to determine the pitch of different notes on the lines and spaces in the staff. It is usually played by the right hand when playing the piano.

Ang g-clef ay ginagamit upang malaman kung anong pitch ang nakatalaga sa bawat linya at puwang. Kapag tumutugtog ng piano, ang kanang kamay ang tumutugtog ng mga notang nasa g-clef.

NOTE: Hindi ko po alam ang translation ng mga may (?)

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thanks but can you pls translate it in tagalog :)) please :)
i reaaly need the full definition of g-clef, why is it called g-clef and what is the use of g-clef,?>???? the ans. must in tagalog plsss:)
I included the translation, pero may binago akong konti.