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 Reading other entries in the Legacy category has made me aware of the changes that have affected my life. The people of today and those that lived before me came up with inventions and discoveries that are both profound and risky.Some people changed our lives by their dedication to their beliefs; they are indeed legends among us. Yes, there are individual human beings that have changed the way we live our lives and there are individual person’s that are dedicated to changing the lives of the next generation. The list continues with electricity, telephones, cars, computers and countless other inventions that have been developed through the centuries. These are just a few of the discoveries that have modernized our ways of life. Life’s conveniences are dependent on the culture in which we live and the moral ethics that have been established within that demographic area. I don’t believe all cultures in the world promote modern conveniences, but for them, ethnic heritage plays an important part in their lives not matter how primitive they may seem to us. For them, Cultural Relativism feels right.In conclusion, we live with extraordinary examples of people who play role-models within our own families. My father was raised by his mother and aunt because his father left when he was a child. When he became an adult, he joined the Air Force, got married, and raised five children. He decided to form his own construction business and earned enough to give us a comfortable life. He didn’t invent or discover any life-altering changes to pass onto the world but he taught use to always follow our hearts by using the preeminence of reason and set a positive example for our children. In his opinion, what we make of our lives will impact our future. By extending friendship to other we will be rewarded with happiness and attain self-worth.I, too, am a Consequentialist and I plan to leave a legacy just because of who I am to the people that come into my life on a daily basis. Every person leaves a legacy and thankfully some of these legacies have made our lives easier.
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