We cant just stop bullying by just saying to every students/person to stop doing it. They need to know and understand what is bullying and what is its effect to the person that is bullied.And also for the older authorities you should know the reasons why they are doing such bullying.If they have a severe reasons then we should help them how to handle it. And telling them that bullying is not a solution for their problems. So if I am a senator I want every school teachers to have a close relationship to their every pupil. Cause teachers are the parents in charge when every child is in school...........But when in cyber bullying I want every facebook authorities to delete any damages to a person. Wether it is mentually or physically abuse to a person.
By not doing the same. What I mean,dont be a bully.We cant stop that by words,but we can stop that with actions.Senators must not be greedy for they are senators,they should be humble