1. The source region of air at particular time.a northerly wind will bring warm air to sydney as it is coming from closer to equator whilts a southerly will bring cooler weather as it is coming from closer to pole.

2.THE amount of insolation(INcoming SOlar radiATION)and the angle of incidence of this radiation...

3.the albedo(reflecive index of the area).As air is heated from below and a dark surface will heat the air above it faster,than a light surface,air does not warm fast in winter when there is a snow cover......

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u know what is the cause of high temperature its because of carbon dioxide it trap to the ozone layer and it causes high temperature kaya naman madali nang makapasok ang sikat ng sun so that the temperature rises at saka isa din sa dahilan ng pagtaas ng temp. because of man made gas called chloro fluorocarbons !! TAMA ba spelling ? ay basta un !! sorry sa tagalog !!
Temperature is rising because our ozone layer become thinner and thinner