Well you can have a purpose driven life if you would live righteously and accordingly. Purpose in life is not only in achieving and fulfilling your goals and ambitions. It is the time when you know GOD and know HIS PURPOSE for you. When you know HIS PURPOSE for you, surely you’ll find the true essence and deeper Meaning why you are here, alive and kicking into this world.  

I hope this can help U. =). I just finished reading a book and its all about Purpose in life.
Wow! Thanks for that! Anyway, what book did you just read? Can I know?
Its entitled the Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren.Its very educational, mind lifting and inspirational. is a coincidence that i saw your question. =D
my teacher mentioned that book and I'm not really familiar with it. Sooo. where can I buy that book? hehe sorry if I ask too much
you can buy this on bookstores like national bookstore. Btw, are u a FILIPINO?
Yes I am.