You try to study harder therefore you can cope up with the lessons more easy.
hmnn..just relax yourself first so that you'll not stress and study again after you relax yourself..
i'm grade 8
Why? Lessons of grade8 are easy naman ah? Sa una lang yan, hehe.
just kidding, i'm already college :)
Oh, hahaha. I can't feel you cause I'm just a Junir high school student, hehe.
This is the most efficient way of studying math.i would recommend you to buy math textbooks from a local can also search on the internet for great math books. dont get a books that is very short(100 pages)for a topic like geometry. you dont have to do each and every single practice problem if you find it repetitive,just have an intuitive answer.(as long as you know the process of solving it)...

thanks po :) i'll try to get more books etc. coz i already have 1