All I know is that the two main types of Seismic waves are Body waves and Surface waves...
Love waves and Ray leigh waves are the two types of Surface waves..the two types of Body waves are P-wave (primary) and S-wave (secondary)
Love wave
> moves the ground in  a side to side horizontal motion like that of a snakes causing the ground to twist..and it cause the most damage  to structures during an earthquake..
Ray leigh wave
>Rolls along the ground just like a  wave rolls across an moves up and down or side to side..most of the shaking felt from an earthquake is due to the ray leigh wave..
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surface waves-can travel only through the surface of the arrive after the main P and S waves..
Body waves- can travel through the earths inner layers..and its used by scientist to study the earths interior..
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*characteristic of LOVE waves..*
-travel along the surface of the earth from the point directly above the epicenter.
-travel only through the lithosphere that cause ripples on the surface.
-most damaging type.

*characteristic of RAYLEIGH waves..*
-travel along the free surface of an elastic solid such as the earth.
-spread out most in time,producing a long wave duration on seismographs. :)

*primary waves*
-compressional waves.
-longitudinal waves.-the particle vibrate parallel to the direction where the wave is travelling.
-can travel through solids,liquids and gas..

*secondary waves*
-transverse waves.
-the particles vibrate perpendicular to the direction where the wave is travelling.
-slower than p-waves
-can travel through solids only
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