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"Timbang Iwasto sa Tamang Nutrisyon at Ehersisyo"

The rate of obesity today is alarmingly rising to the surprise of health personnels. This is influenced by the emergence of the high-technology gadgets brought about by the advancement of science. A lot of jobs can now be done online, games are online and even relationships. It no longer requires people to exert effort and move from a place to another that caused the unhealthy weights of a lot of people today. 

In order to combat this dilemma, it is best to start eating the right kinds of food at the right time together with the appropriate exercise for the type of body you have. Proper diet would not yield or guarantee a fast and healthy result however if you pair it with constant and correct exercise, you are already half way towards attaining the ideal weight based on your age and size. It is never too late to be healthy.