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My 7 Steps towards success on speeches...
1. Know what's the purpose.
2. Gather details about the event.
3. Gather also your side that does not offend any other also.
4. Write your first draft. Okay lang kung may mali sa grammar. Just keep on writing, connecting the details, etc. May masusulat lang kakaiba. At mas mailalabas mo ang iyong damdamin.
5. Revise and editing... Its the stage of reassembling your piece, respell words, and check grammar. Its okay to write it on Microsoft Word but don't always trust on the spell checker and grammar checker. Its nice to let others read it too. Best kung may mas matatalino pa sa iyo in English grammar. But if your good with it, go. You should take note also that there's a huge advantage kung ipapabasa mo sa parents mo, teacher, etc.
6. Practice reading. You don't want to fail during your speech. Try to read it in front of your friend. There is always good advice to take.
7. Be confident. Have jokes. Laugh at yourself. Its always presentable if everyone enjoys listening.
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