The plans can Inpropose to make the make the nutrtion month celebration more meaning ful is to celebrate it with love, dignity and passion. ❤️❤️❤️ Sana makatulong po
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In my school, we had this thing called "Wellness Thursdays" wherein you can participate actively if you want and it's optional so if gusto mo lang. Well, obviously, it's done every Thursday and if you join, it can add extra credit points to your average grade in Health and PE. So basically I'm just sharing so that this can give you ideas about what plans or what things can you propose in order to make the nutrition month meaningful. Since this wellness Thursdays are only done in the month of July, we only have 3 Thursdays to participate on meaning we only have 3 activities and those activities are a wellness talk, Zumba and a run marathon. In wellness talk, I think they had a seminar or something that is related on nutrition. Another one is zumba and I think you're already familiar with the things done here haha ok and and the last one is the run marathon wherein you're going to run 1,500 meters I think and I didn't join because who knows baka mahimatay lang ako dun XD. But anyways, I hope that those activities that I've said can give you ideas about what to propose this nutrition month.


Anyways, please like the link in my prof huhu it's another activity in school related to nutrition month okkk salamat in advance.