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Biology means STUDY OF LIFE.

1. Cellular and Organismal Biology - here the focus is on the cell itself, and how the organelles in the cell work together to undergo the basic processes of life. 

2. Microbiology - here the focus is on microorganisms (unicellular or cell-clustered organisms), and how they interact with the environment. This also includes the study of viruses, bacteria, and mycology (fungus). 

3. Ecology - here the focus is on distributions and relations of organisms and their interactions with each other in a common environment; the interaction between living things and the environment. 

4. Genetics/Evolution - here the focus is on tracing a gene pool through generations and determining how that gene is affecting that organism and its interaction in the world; evolution ties into every concept of biology but best fits into genetics as most of the time evolution is caused by a genetic mutation. 

5. Zoology - here the focus is on animals; their structure, function and behavior all comes into play. 

6. Botany - here the focus is on plants; their structure, function, and interaction with the environment all comes into play