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In my opinion, I think most Filipinos are having a hard time in this subject because we're not that fluent in terms of English. Most likely, we, Filipinos, are a bit more used in speaking Filipino or speaking in Tagalog that's why we are having a hard time in English. Basically, even though English is not our wikang pambansa, we should learn it or kahit yung basics man lang because it can benefit us, it can benefit our future. English is important din and it will also help us in some other parts of our life. Mahirap ang English sa simula, I tell you, but if you keep on practicing and if you're going to help yourself learn English, then hindi na siya magiging difficult for you. Practice lang yan and try to engage yourself in reading english books, novels or magazines because they will greatly help you become more fluent in English tsaka try to read dictionaries din and also try to talk to people using the English language. Simula pa lang to kaya mahirap ang English but if you strive, you can do it.


It actually depends in people if he's a fast learner and a hardworker he can learn it fast ,but if he's lazy and doesn't even want to hold a book then he better give up .I guess were just lack of hardwork and time to master it