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There are various explicit and implicit signals found in the song entitled "Let it Go".
 Implicit signals are those words or phrases used by the speaker to express himself/herself in a meaningful way, far from the literal meaning of the explicit signals. Some of the implicit signals found in the song are the following:

a. Looks like I'm the Queen - It means that she can release her true powers, she is in control in a place she chose to stay
b. Swirling storm inside - It means that there are lots of questions, worries and confusions deep inside her.
c. Let the storm rage on - It means let all the bad things happen, let all the worst come all at once
d. I am one with the wind and sky - It means she has powerful allies and friends.
e. My soul is spiraling in frozen fractals all around - It means her soul is finally free to move anywhere, feeling carefree.

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