What does arachne do that make it difficult for her to solve her problem

sorry its not English i answer in Filipino because I want you to understand ..... naging mayabang si arachne dahil famous sya sa pag tatahe o pagbuburda ng damit dahil sa kayabangan nya kahit si athene na diyos ay hinahamon niya.



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Arachne is known to be the best spinner or weaver in town. Her success made her believe no one can surpass her abilities to the point that she demeans the name of the Goddess of crafts and wisdom, Athena. She didn't acknowledge the fact that all talents on crafts and wisdom is from Athena that is being bestowed to selected and chosen people. She even boasted that her talent is way better than Athena's that triggers the challenge in order to know who is the better spinner. Her ungratefulness and narrow-mindedness make it difficult for her to solve her problem.
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thanks for the answer i really need it