1) One chain of DNA molecule has a nucleotide sequence C, C, G, C, T. What is the sequence of the nucleotide on it's partner's chain?Process Skills:b. What is the probability that the offspring will be:i. Barred females?ii. Nonbarred females?iii. barred males?iv. Nonbarred males?4. Identify the components of the DNA nucleotide.Using the following information mentioned, complete the following table.Blood Type:ABABOPossible gene pairs:????



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i. 0%
ii. 50%
iii. 50%
iv. 0%
phosphate, nitogen bases, sugar
A-I^A I^A, I^A i
B-I^B I^B, I^B i
AB- i^A I^B
O- ii

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