The diagonal, d of a box can be found using the formula d = ( I2 + w2 + h2 ) 1/2 where l, w, and h, represent the length, width and height of the box, respectively. If the box is 24cm in length, 8cm in width and 6cm in height, then what is the length of the diagonal?

i'm just asking. I remembered the formula already. .
and what is the answer?
I've already posted the answer my dear if you haven't noticed it yet
yeah I see it now thank you my friend!



you are given of the following data:

l = 24cm

w = 8 cm

h = 6cm

and that the formula is d = √(l²+w²+h²)


getting the value of d you'll have

d = √(24² + 8² +6²)

d = √(576 + 64 + 36)

d = √(676)

d = 26cm


therefore the length of the diagonal is 26cm.