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Dr. Howard Gardner is the proponent of Multiple Intelligence. This theory has something to do with the capacity, talent and power of a learner that he possess. The essence of cognitive, psycho motor, and affective domains would best explain this idea. Absolutely he enumerated 8 Multiple Intelligence, and these cleverness and brainpower of a learner best describes her/him inside the classroom. As of now this is actually the basis of the teachers in addressing the lessons to his learners. Learner-centered indeed.
All of us has a unique way of learning as well as distinctive abilities. This capabilities of ours make us who we are and what we are.
The 8 Multiple Intelligence as Dr. Gardner identified are as follows:
1. Linguistic Intelligence - this is likely to be a debater, good in communication skills, good in speaking, reading
2. Logical-Mathematical Intelligence - good in logic, reasoning and smart in numbers
3. Visual - Spatial Intelligence - they like to draw, discover on their own about space
4. Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence - body movements, dancing, touching, body language, they learn through movements
5. Musical Intelligence - he is smart in notes, likely to hear sounds, musician
6. Interpersonal Intelligence - likely to socialize and mingle with other, interaction between people and peers
7. Intrapersonal intelligence - probably a loner, shy type, likely to do on his own, do not interact with others
8. Existentialist - this is related to human existence, he loves to explore and study about the existence of this world, love to be a priest