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123 and 132 only....
because i know that in the rules of rounding off, the number after the place you will round off is 5 and above, you will add one to the number before and change the lower places to zero
Like: when you will round off a number to make it 50, it could be 49. You will round off to the nearest tens, which is the digit 5. Since the number in the lower place value(??) or the ones place is 9 and it is greater than 5, you will add one to the digit 5 as it is said in the rules
52 could also be rounded off to 50 because the digit in the ones place is lower than 5, you will do nothing to digit 5 and drop digit 2 and make it zero as it is said in the rules.
thanks for the explaination..
No prob.
The numbers that can be round to 100 are

123 and 132