one of the largest plains in Eastern Asia, in China. It is washed by the Yellow Sea in the east and bounded by the Yen mountains in the north; the Taihang range in the west, whose eastern slopes break up into steep terraces up to 1,000 m high along the side of the plain; and the Tongbai and Dabie ranges in the southwest. The lower course of the Yangtze River flows along the southern edge of the plain. The area of the plain totals approximately 325,000 sq km. At the foot of the western mountain belt, which is made up of ancient alluvial fans, the plain has an elevation of approximately 100 m. The elevation descends to 50 m or less along the seacoast. This part of the plain is completely flat, with insignificant slopes and an abundance of shallow depressions that are periodically filled by floodwaters. Many depressions have become swamps and have shallow lakes. The Shantung mountains are located within the eastern portion of the plain. The North China Plain is composed of very deep alluvial deposits, principally redeposited losses.
Huang Ho Kahalagahan-nagsisilbing tubig ito ng mga sinaunang tao, di lang ang mga tsino  ang nangangailangan nito kundi ang mga tao  rin na malapit sa kanila