Ako I count one to ten. I also think that I will age early if I'm like that. Think peaceful thoughts and remember lalagpas rin yan so RELAX lang.

Hoho! ^_^v

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so true
What if may ugali kang mapride pero di mo yun alam sa sarili mo at dun nagbubunga ng galit ng iba sayo?
Ganyan ako minsan. What I do is ask God for forgiveness. And after ko magalit I'll try to be kind to that person again para makita na di ko sinasadya. I'm not usually expressive of my feelings e o showy sa emotions lalo na anger or sadness.
aahh.. Natry ko kasi yan, kaso hndi ko pa alam masyado. Salamat^-^ I will apply that to myself
Pag malapit ka kay God madali lahat ng bagay. At pagmalapit ka kay God makikita mo that 'God is so good all the time'. :)
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Discipline.. taking  things lightly as if you were in a bed of cloud.. it helps me to handle this kind of emotions
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