Physical Science- study of living and non-living matter.
 *Chemistry- deals with the study of composition, structure, form and physical and chemical properties of matter.
 *Physics- deals with study of matter and energy.
Earth Sciences-deal with scientific study of the Earth.
 *Geology-involves the study of the origin, history, evolution, and structure of the     earth's crust.
 *Paleontology- scientific study of prehistoric life, based mainly on fossils of animal and plants.
 *Meteorology-study of the atmosphere.
 *Seismology- study of earthquakes,
 *Astronomy- study of celestial bodies.
Life Science-deal with the study of living organisms.
 *Biology-study of living things.
 *Botany-study of plants.
 *Zoology-study of animals (their firm and structure)
 *Ecology- study of relationship between living organisms with each other.
 *Genetics- study of genetic make up living organisms. 
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entomology - insects
histology- tissues