Description: Complete the table by filling up first the initial column of the chart with your answer to each item.this activity will determine how much you know about this topic and your progress.

Express the following as
product of factors. Initial Revise Final





5.27x³ -8y=

6.a³+125b³ =


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Just factor all;

1) 4x² - 12x = 
The GCF is 4x
Dividing (4x
² - 12x) / 4x will give you x-3
So, the answer is 4x (x - 3)

9m² - 16n² =
This is a special product called Difference of two squares since 9m
² and 16n² are perfect squares.
So, the answer must be (3m - 4n) (3m + 4n)

4a² + 12a + 9 =
This is also another special product called Square of the Sum since it fits the process of it.
So the answer is (2x + 3) (2x + 3)

4) 2x² + 9x - 5 =
I don't see this as a special product but just a factorable equation. 
Use 2 [from the 1st term] and 5 [from the last term] as your basis
1, 2 are the factors of 2
1, -1, 5, -5 are the factors of -5
After a lot of Trial and Error.
The factors are (2x - 1) (x + 5)

27x³ - 8y ³ =
This is also a famous special product called as the Differencew of 2 Cubes.
(3x - 2y) (9x
² + 6xy + 4y²)

a³ + 125b³ = 
This is yet another special product called Sum of Two Cubes.
Therefore, the answer should be (a + 5b) (a
² - 5ab + 25b)

7) xm + hm - xn - hn =
This can be factored out by using the process called Grouping.
This is to "group" the polynomial into 2 binomials which can be extracted later on.
To use this process you need to group terms with similiar factors.
xm + hm - xn - hn 
Grouping this into 2 groups will give
(xm - xn) and (hm - hn)
Now factor out the two
First with (xm - xn)
This will give you x and (m - n)
Now with (hm - hn) 
This will give you h and (m - n)
Now see how they are related.
(m - n) is the first factor while combining x and h will give you (x + h) the second factor.
Therefore, (m - n) (x + h) are the factors.
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3. the factors are (2a+3) (2a+3)..
6. the factors are (a+5b) ( a^2-5ab+25b^2)