Nobody man God was there before anything was

we never know if all in the bible written correctly because there is a new testament and old testament.
The new testament tells us about Jesus , The old and new testament are connected, like the prophecys.
i know that they are connected because they are only revise it. where is your 5 senses?
you know I'm just trying to help, then your insulting me? Where is your manners?
Im sorry if you feel insulted with my answer, i just want you to realized that we have senses and don't be defend on what book says... a book is a guide only, but you will decide if you are following or not...
There is only God before everything.
God is beyond all human understanding. God is perfect and we're just humans we're imperfect, so we cannot really question God's existence.
but who's created GOD?
He is the First and the last. There is only God. No one created God. You know you should ask God yourself pray to him.
people created God because they want to conquer, they want to rule.
God created the people to rule over his creation. Read the Bible.
God bless you. And may God answer your questions.