from The Koran

In the Name of Allah
the Compassionate, the Merciful
Have We not lifted up your heart and relieved you
of the burden which weighed down your back?
Have We not given you high renown?
Every hardship is followed by ease.
Every hardship is followed by ease.
When your task is ended, resume your toil, and seek your
Lord with all fervor. - Sura 94

1. What kind of appeal (emotion or reason) does the writer seem to favor?
2. Does the author convince you to accept his position? why?
3. Which part is specially convincing? Explain.

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1) The kind of appeal that the writer seem to favor are both [emotion] (courage, love, patience & trust) and [reason].
2) Yes, the author convinced me to accept his position. It is already enough. As long as he is watching and prevents us from harm or danger, there's no need to worry and to be afraid.
3) The part that is convincing for me are the lines 1-4 because it emphasizes how God is always giving us comfort and relief whenever we are overwhelmed/ bothered/ depressed.

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