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The following are some of the techniques in the story of Orpheus

Back-story, the story "behind" or "before" the events being portrayed in the story being told; past events or background for a character that can serve to color or add additional meaning to current circumstances. Provides extra depth to the story by anchoring it to external events, real or imagined.

Frame story, or a story within a story, where a main story is used to organize a series of shorter stories.

Conceit is an extended metaphor, associated with metaphysical poetry, designed to push the limits of the imagination in order to portray something indescribable.

Foreshadowing, hinting at events to occur later.

Personification, the use of comparative metaphors and similes to give human-like characteristics to non-human objects.

Stream of consciousness, an attempt to portray all the thoughts and feelings of a character,

Sensory detail, sight, sound, taste, touch, smell.