Last year I got the leadership award. Hmm. I just simply guide my members and ask for their opinions. Ofcourse I help them when they can't and like teachers , you should give your members all your best so that they will also follow and love you as their leader. Remember a good leader is best known by the caliber of his/her members. 
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BECOMING A GOOD LEADER are: you must be patient, be a leader not a slave driver. Don't be a bossy, don't blame your member. A truely leader is WE! ( Doing with cooperation) not me (Doing alone). You must be together any time. Make your member attainable and let them show what they can do and always be present in mind that a leader is good and can give advice to anyone. Do your job not because you will become a popular, do it with passion and love. I'm a leader in some organizations and clubs in our school.
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