The local government is planning to convert your town rice fields into an industrial park. one of the bridges with historical value will be demolished most of the residents disagree with this plan some agree and a few remain undecided. if you were in the shoes of each of the people

Help please. Can't answer this by myself


I will use my right to stop them from doing it because everything that has a historical value must not be destroyed or demolished by anything because they can never replace it with another bridge with a historical value ^_^
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You're welcome. Now VOTE XD JK
haha. vote for what?
Like rate and stuff. Hahaha
haha.. ok why not?!
If I were one of the residence or people I would also disagree because where are the farmers going to plant rice if it is converted to industrial park? Or how will the next generation see the bridges like this which has historical value if it will be demolished. We should consider a lot of factors before doings things to modernize.
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