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The most common parts of MS Word 2007 are:

1. FILE MENU BUTTON: used as the most standard menu command under the file menu in old version.Once you click, you can print your document, setup restrictions of your document, save and save as, and publishing document in the blog and sent your document in an email, etc.

2. INSERT MENU TOOLBAR: primarily used to insert objects of application.One of the most common is the image or picture,such as: pages,tables,illustrations,links,header and footer,text formatting, and symbols.

3. HOME MENU TOOLBAR: these are the standard and formatting command buttons of the application.Such as clipboard– the cut, copy, paste, and paint command.And also the font formatting command,the paragraph indentions, and the styles of the text.

4. PAGE LAYOUT MENU TOOLBAR: once you prepare your document template, use this menu to applyThemes, Page Setup,Page background, Paragraph Indentions, and text alignment or the arrange buttons.

5. REFERENCES MENU TOOLBAR: these are the table of contents features,footnotes,citation and bibliography,captions,index,and table of authorities.

6. MAILINGS MENU TOOLBAR: in advance use of this new version, use this menu for creating envelopes and labelsdocument mail mergewrite and insert fields, preview results, and finish mail merge.

7. REVIEW MENU TOOLBAR: to assure the correctness of our spelling and grammar and other features, this versions have a features of Proofing,comments,tracking service,changes,compare, and protect.

8. VIEW MENU TOOLBAR: other features included, same as the applications of the view menu toolbar of the MS-WORD 2003. This includes of the Document ViewsShow/Hide, ex: RulerDocument Zoom,Window Viewand Macros application.

9. ZOOM IN ZOOM OUT SLIDING BAR: situated at the bottom right side of the document window, this is use to zoom in/zoom out the document.By dragging this using your mouse, rather by selecting a specific number of size of document template.