If ever you have a red flag...if you know what I mean you have to avoid jumping or doing some things that will make you uncomfortable and please eat a lot of fruits. well I don't think this will work but when I have a red flag I always drink softdrink so that it will flow easily.
well actually marian you are really wrong you can still do different activity even if you have period and most of all drinkind softdrink or any other junkfood will affect you reproductive system. yes it is true when you drink softdrinks your period will come out easily but it is not true that when you drink softdrinks your period will easily stop your period will get more severe and more painly
so pls dont eat junkfoods if you dont want to have dysmennorhesa or gonnorhea if you dont want to have pai
Sa pagreregla ay pwede ka gumawa ng activities kahit nareregla mag-prepare ka palagi ng napkin, dahil baka bigla matagos ang dugo, kailangnan rin magalgay ka ng warm bag sa puson mo o mag ligo ng mainit na tubig mainam ito para sa puson mo hindi ka pwede mag-papagod. yun lang alam :)