The 10 elements having two ir more stable isotopes namely,

1. Hydrogen (H)- Rocket fuel; Luminous paints; Trash conventer into methane.
2. Lithium (Li)- Lubricants; Dry Cells; Storage batteries; Glass and Pharmaceuticals
3. Boron (B)- Tennis rackets; Glasses; Arthritis treatment; Pyrotechnic flares
4. Carbon (C)- Pencils; Diamonds; Dry Ice; Petroleum; Welding; Filters
5. Nitrogen (N)- Purge for missile component; Refrigerant; Insulator
6. Oxygen (O)- Air supply; Oxy-acetylene welding; Steelmaking agent
7. Silicon (Si)- Solar cells; Transistors; Rectifiers; Lubricants
8. Sulfut (S)- Permanent wave lotion; Soaps; Fertilizers; Fireworks; Matches
9. Chlorine (Cl)- Water purifies; Paper; Dyes; Textile; Antiseptics; Foodstuffs
10. Thallium (Tl)- Imitation of diamonds; Ant killer; Rodenticide; Glasses.