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Orpheus: The Plot

Orpheus has an extraordinary musical powers. Everybody is charmed by his music including the wild animals. He met a beautiful young woman named Eurydice and married her but their happiness was only short-lived because Eurydice died because she stepped on a poisonous snake. He tried to overcome the grief by singing sad melodies around the world but to no avail so he planned of charming Persephone and Hades to redeem Eurydice. On his way to the underground, he charmed everybody he met in order to allow him to pass like the ferryman. When Hades and Persephone him, their hearts melted and allowed Orpheus to take Eurydice back but with one condition. Orpheus and Eurydice must not look back until they reach back to earth but Orpheus was so excited that he forgot about the condition. He looked back when he saw the sun and Eurydice disappeared and he was lonely again.
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