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1.Albert Einstein
The Mathematician/Physicist who had a learning disability and did not speak until age 3. He had a very difficult time doing maths in school. It was also very hard for him to express himself through writing.
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Roosevelt had Polio, was governor of New York State then elected President of the United States for 4 terms.
Ludwig van Beethoven
(famous musician) Beethoven is the greatest German composer and musician who was deaf at the later part of his life. In his early life he was famous as a pianist. He got the primary knowledge of music from his father, who was a musician. He has some mysterious power which led him to create famous compositions one after another. He went to Vienna and learned from some of prominent musicians. After the age of 28, he started becoming deaf and his personal life was not so peaceful. He composed many piano sonatas such as Waldstein, Appassionata, etc.
Robin Williams
(Hollywood star) was diagnosed to be suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) as a child. He never refuses a role related to medicine e.g Awakenings, Patch Adams
Stephen Hawkings
World famous Physicist/mathematician and author of A Short History of the Universe Stephen Hawkings is considered as the greatest scientist of the twentieth century after Einstein. Hawking's big bang theory and black hole theory has turned the attention of the world. He is the Isaac Newton Professor of Mathematics of the University of Cambridge. Though he is now nearly paralyzed, he is teaching through a computer supported a machine by which his words are compiled. His physical illness could not make him stop form his research. His famous book is "A Brief History of Time".
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