Mother to Son . By : Langston Hughes Poem
1.Well son,I'll tell you
2.Life for me,ain't been no crying crystal stair
3.It's had tacks on it.
4.And splinters,
5.And boards torn up,
6.And place with no carpet on the floor
8.But all the time
9.I've been a climbin' on
10.And readin' landin's
11.And turning corners,
12.And sometimes go in the dark
13.Where ain't been no light
14.So,boy,don't you turn back
15.Don't you set down on the steps
16.Cause you finds its kinder hard
17.Don't you fall now.
18.For I see still goin',honey
19.I've still climbin'
20.And life for me,ain't been no crystal stair.

Questions :
1.Describe the type of life that the speaker has live.How do you know this ? Used evidence from the text to support your answer.

2.What advice is the mother giving to her son ?

3.What attitudes are revealed about the speaker ? List two and use evidence from the text.

4.What do the following lines mean :
A.Line # 2 C.Line # 14
B.Line # 9 D.Line # 17-18




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1.Based on the poem, the speaker has lived miserably but was able to carry on in life despite the many challenges and trials she has experienced throughout her life. I could say so because the speaker, herself, expressed life in the poem as somewhat complex and toilsome. Her emphasis of the words from lines 2 up to 6 such as "life had tacks, splinters, boards torn up and is bare" all denotes life's perplexity and complexity.

2. "Never give up. Keep on going son." These were the advises of the mother to his son.

3. First, she is a fighter- "Life ain't been no crying crystal stair but all the time, I've been a climbin'on and readin' landin's and turning corners."
Second, she is optimistic- "For I still goin' honey, I've still climbin' and life ain't been no crystal stair without the word 'crying'."

4. Line#2- Life has always been tough. It brings about personal turmoils and sadness.
Line#9- No giving up in life and just keep on going and trying.
Line#14- Don't get back, be strong enough to carry on in life.
Line#17&18- Think positive, don't surrender, and stay hopeful. "We will face life together", mother to son.
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