This was made by me.

You can be yourself, don't be afraid
We stand together, equally made
We love our country unconditionally
And love the people especially

Be unique and stand tall
As a team, we stay together to never fall
We cooperate and work
One member doesn't dare to just lurk

Know yourself well to know others better
You cannot stay away and communicate by letter
It is sad to see one person alone and sad
To stay with one another is not bad

Identity and unity is what makes us whole
Together, we fight and not take a stroll
Divided we fall, together we are strong
We will stay together for very long

I don't know if you are supposed to get an official poem or something, but I made this just to give you an idea. If you are making an original, feel free to copy. :) Just give credits and don't plagiarize.

:) Hope this helps! :)