First, write the "square of the first term" Second, write the " product of first and second term" Lastly, write the "square of the last term" Di ko makita pic eh mejo malabo.... hope this helps....
Am ,.just to correct the answer above, "The second term will be the," TWICE THE PRODUCT OF YOUR FIRST AND SECOND TERMS"
The photo shows the equation of, (2^x+2)^2. Anyway, Thanks for the help. ^__^
oh it a "+" sign i though it's "-" ,anyway the answer would be 4^2x + 8^x +4
If your finding is just the Square of Binomial of the given, then the answer would be; 4^2x - 8^x + 4 . But if your finding for "x" then i guess you'll have to use logarithmic and exponential functions.  I hope this help :)