Write a note and put it on your ref. door
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if i write it and put it on the reef door i still forget it
for me when i don't remember something i will take a deep breath and think about the sitiuations that i do before

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Well actually, we're in the same situation. I don't know but nowadays, I just tend to forget things easily and I think it's because I don't have an "orderly mind". To be honest, I overthink a lot, think about life and yeah that's why I forget things easily. Okay so my first advice is that you put a reminder, a note, or something that'll just help you remember that certain task on a thing that you often use like specifically your phone, wallet, etc. You can also create a reminder in your phone, because you know, our technology now has really on a high level and don't forget to put an alarm. And lastly, always bare in mind that it's not about memorizing. It's about how you understand the topic. When you have a quiz in History, Social Studies or in Araling Panlipunan, it's mostly about memorizing right? But, no. It's a nonsense if you memorize something you don't even understand. Understand, not memorize because once you understand a lesson, you already know how to come up with that topic.

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